Friday, May 5, 2017

Day 1 PLD Manaiakalani

Today has been a very intriguing day. As a professional my basic tool belt has been heftily filled, with a great amount of tools in which I can use, to not only increase my productivity, but to hopefully increase engagement within my school for staff and students.

Learn: Digital content introduction

Extending the power of Docs and Drive with extensions and add-ons
Talk & Comment - Instead of typing out a comment, voice audio.
Docutube - Insert Youtube clips into documents rather than the link
Lucidcharts - insert charts and diagrams into google docs
Extensity - for managing extensions
Grammarly - For checking plagiarism - to shorten URLs
Easy Accents- Quick and simple way to add macrons
Select and Speak- Voice to Text Engine (works with Google Docs)

Above is listed all the tools which I have developed my knowledge in. These are all free and very easy to use, but to see how to get these into the Learn, Create, Share philosophy has been very intriguing.

I really like the idea of docutube for having youtube clips linked into your docs and easy accents gives you a great Maori Keyboard to use to really help integrate Te Tiriti O Waitangi



  1. Kia ora Jacob,

    Thanks for taking the time to sharing your musings and welcome to the world of professional blogging. It's great that you have identified a takeaway from today's session and I can't wait to check out the class blog/student blogs to see it in action.

    Ngā mihi


  2. Hi Jacob, Its great to see you got lots of new ideas to bring back to your classroom. I agree with you about increasing student engagement. Will be interesting to see how these apps/ tools help us with that. What is the first tool you are going to teach and use with your students?

    1. Docutube I believe will be the first tool I use within my class, however I might give some kids a surprise over the weekend by sharing some comments using Talk to comment!

  3. Bula Vinaka Jacob

    It was good working alongside you today. Thanks for keeping me updated with what I missed while Dorothy and James were busy sharing their learning. I hope you will become the top ICT gig in your school with all the learning you will be doing with the group.


  4. Great to have you in the group Jacob and I appreciate the extensive notes you shared on this post. Hopefully you have some of your ideas up and running and will be able to tell us what was useful on Friday.