Thursday, September 28, 2017

Are your students aware of what jobs will be needed in the future?

Yesterday Wesley Intermediate had an exciting opportunity to be part of the "Just be" expo held at the local community centre. It was a great day, and an awesome opportunity for our Year 8's to get to know some older students from the local colleges.

The day was designed around looking at future careers and involved the likes of the police, fire service, and other people or companies working in the area. I was lucky enough to end up running some workshops from Rui at Critical, who is an architect and problem solver who looks at the needs of the community around him and develops products and ideas alongside businesses to help create sustainable ideas, services and products. It was great fun having 15 minutes to teach the idea of design and development to some students who may have otherwise never imagined they had the potential to be creative. I do hope some sparks were lit from this experience.

Yet in the end, what I came to realise is that within the community I work, I believe there to be a big need for information to be shared around potential pathways that will lead to careers for our young students. Many of the kids from my school had no idea what they wanted to be, which is normal for a 12 year old, but many of the jobs they may look at for the future will potentially be taken over by robots or other tech being designed and created.

One student had said they would like to work in a sport shop, selling cool sports gear to people. This was great that they had a goal, yet that very same night, I had seen on the news the rise of chatbot technology, which would almost make this job obsolete. This has really got me thinking about the careers our kids may end up in, and how we can help break the cycle of poverty and low socioeconomic issues.

so I will leave you with this question.

What can we do as teachers to lead our students down a path that will provide better opportunities in their futures? 
(other than teach them the necessary skills for a particular job set)

Friday, September 15, 2017

If students understand then they will succeed!

So again I have been developing some sites to use within class that create equity, inclusiveness and shared understanding of learning. I have been mainly focusing on my reading tasks of late, but had a sudden burst of inspiration to look at writing. Using the new google sites I started with a one page work site, aimed at descriptive writing. However as the week went on I decided that I should try and finish it off with more of the writing styles that we cover in school.  And so this site was born. I have not tried it yet within class due to testing taking place, but will be giving it a good go in the next two weeks. The tasks were all sourced from Wesley intermediate staff or created by me, and still have a way to go to become a bit more defined, but at the moment I am looking at sharing this with the community to see what ideas can come to help the development.

check the link for my site below

Friday, September 1, 2017

Ako Hiko ICT Leaders Meeting Term 3 2017

The leaders and I had a great meeting today about how our modules we are working on to increase Whanau engagement within the Ako Hiko cluster of schools. Wesley Primary had trialled the first Module and had tinkered with it to suit their needs. I talked to Phil from Wesley primary about setting up a joint Module night so we could capture the same family's in one go, as we share a lot of the same students. We also talked a bit more about setting up a talent show of some sort, which gained interest from some of the other schools. It is now worth looking at a way to get this running as an Ako Hiko event rather than just a Wesley event.

Another great takeaway from this meeting was looking at the future of Ako Hiko for next year. Starting next year Core will be taking a backseat and that means Ako Hiko will be all on its own for the first time. New territory! The main things we talked about around this, were, how do we make sure we keep moving forward with the same goals, and make the progress we want to see.

We decided that regular Leadership meetings were still vital, but potentially creating a web portal to easily access PD and resources/ideas from other schools would be great. Sharing is caring and everyone in the room was happy with this idea to collaborate. With such a great team on hand I can only see positives moving forward with Ako Hiko. However not having Mannaiakalani or Core in the mix will be strange as they have both provided so much in terms of procedure, Knowledge, and a shoulder to destress on when things have been tricky.

Onwards and Upwards....

Watch this space