Friday, June 2, 2017

DI Intensive Week 5

This week we have been looking at how to build a website and ways in which we can integrate this into our class work routines. I have built sites before and I am currently building one through the new google sites for my role as ICT PLD administrator at Wesley Intermediate.  The new google sites are a breeze to use, but are limited and are for those who need a quick easy way to get into building sites.

Today however we did not use the new sites we used the old version. This allows HTML use and can be fine tuned. I liked building a work portal from scratch, and it has been interesting to go through the process of creating a different way for the students to go about their tasks. I will be trialling this in the coming weeks.


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  2. Good to read about your current experiences with using Sites, both Classic and New. I like the theme you took from Magpie and the examples you chose for extended texts. One rookie mistake - your objects are not shared for visibility, so only you can see some of the content :)

  3. Great spot! I have edited the sharing rights and checked with my students. That rookie mistake will be my undoing, and I already knew that that was an important area to remember to check before publishing. Must have been a Friday!