Tuesday, July 25, 2017

First week back Term 3 2017

Over the holidays I have been reflecting on my reading strategies and how best I can help my students accelerate their learning. All my students have been moving up levels based on their test results which is a positive, but I really would like to see if I can get better results by the way I setup my reading groups/tumbles. I have looked at what other classes do within my school to see what works and what I need to do in order to maximise the success of these new techniques. Buddy reading was a big one I came across in all classes and students really enjoyed using this task to practise reading for fluency. I have also looked at how to set up my reading tumble to provide a multi modal approach where students can find supportive texts with the texts they have used to learn the specific reading strategy. This issue I have at the moment is whether the multi modal approach will add too much to workload in terms of sourcing materials. Potentially I will create the websites for my groups or specific strategies that cater to all levels and the text within the website will vary from high to low level so that all students can use this.

I will do a test this year to see if individual group sites work better than a broad site catering to all levels.