Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Building ICT Admin Role Website

Recently I have been building a website to help transition our ICT Admin role within Wesley. We are designing it as a one stop shop to help answer any questions raised when taking on this role as a new teacher. Right from the start Andy and I had decided to build it into a website, not only to portray the role as ICT Administrator but because a website is far more practical and user friendly than a google drive folder filled with a million tools and resources.

We designed the site using New google site, as we wanted to give it a proper go. What we have found is that although new sites is limited, it does perform reasonably well for a basic site layout. With a few areas of tinkering we have managed to build most of the site to be user friendly, easy to access, and do the job which we intended.

This was a test case for how we can build a site collaboratively between team leaders and I must say the process has been smooth. Linking and adding docs is simple. I would recommend people try out using the New Sites as they save time (spent coding) and make the process smooth.

Monday, August 21, 2017

It has been awhile since my last post and I just wanted to share with you what I have been busy creating. My ideas for the Asttle website continue to develop and change, and so I thought why don't I create a prototype website to use in my class that is similar to the asttle site I wish to create in the future. So spending a few hours (or more) of my time I managed to whip up a quick version of a reading task website that is directly linked to the skills we teach at school. This is across all classes at Wesley and so I am hoping to get some buy in from other teachers to try this out in their class. My goal here is to see if

- Students will use the website
-  Students will understand the tasks on the website
-  the tasks are easy enough to be done individually, yet are still challenging.

I also want to gain feedback from the users to see how the site has made an impact on them and what areas need to be improved.

The tasks on this site are based or are from Sheena Camerons reading strategy tutorials. I encourage people to have a look and critique as best they can, as any input from outside my normal surroundings will help me continue to develop a site catering to the needs of all people.

Reading task Website