Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Building ICT Admin Role Website

Recently I have been building a website to help transition our ICT Admin role within Wesley. We are designing it as a one stop shop to help answer any questions raised when taking on this role as a new teacher. Right from the start Andy and I had decided to build it into a website, not only to portray the role as ICT Administrator but because a website is far more practical and user friendly than a google drive folder filled with a million tools and resources.

We designed the site using New google site, as we wanted to give it a proper go. What we have found is that although new sites is limited, it does perform reasonably well for a basic site layout. With a few areas of tinkering we have managed to build most of the site to be user friendly, easy to access, and do the job which we intended.

This was a test case for how we can build a site collaboratively between team leaders and I must say the process has been smooth. Linking and adding docs is simple. I would recommend people try out using the New Sites as they save time (spent coding) and make the process smooth.

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