Friday, September 15, 2017

If students understand then they will succeed!

So again I have been developing some sites to use within class that create equity, inclusiveness and shared understanding of learning. I have been mainly focusing on my reading tasks of late, but had a sudden burst of inspiration to look at writing. Using the new google sites I started with a one page work site, aimed at descriptive writing. However as the week went on I decided that I should try and finish it off with more of the writing styles that we cover in school.  And so this site was born. I have not tried it yet within class due to testing taking place, but will be giving it a good go in the next two weeks. The tasks were all sourced from Wesley intermediate staff or created by me, and still have a way to go to become a bit more defined, but at the moment I am looking at sharing this with the community to see what ideas can come to help the development.

check the link for my site below

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  1. Thanks so much for continuing to share your inquiry Jacob. You are adding so much to our learning network by making your practice visible.